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Louis Boheme building review for the Downtown Montreal Real Estate market
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The Louis Boheme condo tower was a quantum leap in terms of residential construction. With 270 condos and 28 floors, it dominated the Quartier des Spectacles, and offered direct views over the Place des Arts center stage area... until that is, the construction of Le Peterson.

The Louis Boheme main entrance is at 350 de Maisonneuve West. This is a prime location as it is just three minutes walk from the nearest access to the McGill subway station and has an access from the building into the Place des Arts subway and the east side of the Underground city. However this isn't a direct access as it requires residents to leave the building and go arond the corner to enter the subay. This was deemed preferable for security reasons. The other sides of the building either face south with views of Downtown and the St Laurence river, and those facing North West have views of part of Downtown and the Mountain. Units that are lower down on that side still have views over a small city park.

The building is architecturally distinctive with a cubist style design on the East side of the building and a monolithic dark grey with a few bright red accents on the north side. The south side is more conventional and has balconies and terraces and is probably the side with the best views and orientation.

The neighbourhood has many restaurants, bars and cafes and is ideally located for grocery stores of which there are several within 10 minutes walk. There is even a store called Fous d'ici which is a mini market located on the ground floor of the building which is ideal for purchasing high end produce, marinated meats, salads and organic products. The building is just minutes walk away from the only 24/7 pharmacy in Downtown Montreal.

The condos in the Louis Boheme building are rather conventional with 8ft ceilings until the 14th floor, at which stage they go to 9ft which makes a surprising difference if visiting identical units from one floor to the next. A feature one can find in almost all the units is that of a moving partition wall between the living room and the (or one of) the bedrooms. This can make the units look larger and brighter.

The building's amenities are excellent. The Louis Boheme has an indoor endless pool which is the only one in the city to the best of my knowledge (thats the pools which have a current to swim against). There is also a large gym, a lounge, a dry sauna, and an urban garden. The building also has a concierge and 24/7 security.

PROS: Great location overlooking the Place des Arts and the Quartier des spectacles Building amenities are excellent and nearby services are the best in the city. The 'sliding walls' get mixed reviews but they are definitely a plus for those who only use their second bedroom as a guest bedroom (which would otherwise be wasted space). The building is safe and the condos are well designed and make very efficient use of the space.

CONS: The Louis Boheme was built just after the 2008-09 recession which means the market was relatively stagnant. As a result, it is obvious that the developers had to make cuts. These came in the form of  finishings and materials in the units and the common areas. The building recently refurbished the lobby which had a positive effect but was, after the gym, probably the area that was the least in any need of any work. As a result of all of this, the some units have aged very quickly (usually subject to how good the occupants were at maintaining it). Nevertheless, if a unit can be purchased at a good price, or in good condition, it will be a good piece of real estate to hold onto. The common areas will be upgraded eventually so these really are temporary issues.
Louis Boheme building 350 de Maisonneuve Ouest
Louis Boheme urban garden Downtown Montreal
350 De Maisonneuve Ouest Urban Chalet
Louis Boheme urban chalet Condos and Real Estate Downtonw Montreal
Louis Boheme Condo building
Gym in the Louis Boheme building 350 de Maisonneuve west
Lobby in the Louis Boheme building at 350 de Maisonneuve

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